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Dennis James Brown as remembered by his church

We remember Dennis with great affection. He was always such a lively character and so full of enthusiasm. Ready to make a telling remark in any discussion. His great concern was people around him and this was evident both in the university and the church and his unstinting support of the Labour Party. John & Rosemary Whiteman

I (Dorothy) can remember when Dennis first came to Hallam Church in the early 60s and joined the junior church as a teacher. I was superintendent and he took over the leadership when I retired.

In later years Dennis and I were in the same house fellowship. He left us all cheerful and sorted any dispute that arose. I remember especially his warm-hearted kindness in giving lifts too and fro, especially welcoming those who came from overseas.

Dan and Dennis were in the same faculty at the university and we both knew him as a faithful, active Christian. Dorothy & Dan Woo

We shall really miss Dennis. Neville & Pam Flavell

I will remember Dennis as a good friend  and a fine example of a follower of Jesus. Keith Austin

Dennis was a good friend to so many people and he will be missed. Noel & Rosemary Edwards

#Dennis.Brown.Back.Garden #Hallam.Methodist.Large

Hallam Methodist Church,

Dennis’s church for nearly 50 years

now known as The Beacon Church at Nether Green

Dennis was a warm, sincere and gentle man, who engaged with all he met.. We shall have many good and happy memories of him. Russell & Anne Blackwell

He was a splendid man John Platts













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