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We have lost a very

good comrade.

Veronica Hardstaff  & Alan Billings

I have many happy memories of Dennis as academic colleague, Labour Party stalwart and friend. We often had lunch together in Staff Club, sometimes talking engineering and mathematics and I was delighted on one occasion to be able to help with a small piece of mathematics for which he insisted on giving me undeserved credit as one of the authors of the paper in which it was used. It was Dennis who introduced me to the Christian Socialist Movement.                                

He was indeed a true Christian, one whose faith, I’m sure, was the driving force behind his Labour Party commitment and his AUT activities. I had a great respect for Dennis and it was a privilege to have known him and share in some of his activities. Like so many in Sheffield I shall miss him.  Derek Collins

Dennis will be remembered with affection by those who knew him. He was an absolute stalwart of the Co-operative Party. He was never reticent and had something to say about every subject and never missed the opportunity to say it.  Steve Thompson

        Remembering Dennis James Brown

A tribute written by Stuart Bennett on behalf of Hallam Constituency Labour Party

Dennis came to Sheffield, from London in the mid-1960s as a lecturer in Chemical Engineering at the University. In London he had been active in the Labour Party, the Fabian Society and the Cooperative movement and he transferred all these activities to Sheffield and in Sheffield added many more - he was a joiner and supporter of causes that were consonant with his core political beliefs

Dennis was a member of the Methodist Church and of the Christian Socialist Movement and his Christianity underpinned his service to the Labour Party and his willingness to help others. He was also a lifelong supporter of Trade Unions, for many years he was an active member of both the Association of Scientific, Technical and Managerial Staff union (ASTMS) and the Association of University Teachers, his membership of ASTMS was because he wanted to be a member of a union affiliated to the TUC.

In the Labour Party he was active at branch level serving as secretary and treasurer of Hallam Branch (and in difficult times he added chairperson and other roles), and for many years was a delegate to Hallam CLP and to DLP. Dennis was not afraid to ask difficult questions and to challange views (sometimes at length) when he thought that the party was being sent in the wrong direction. In latter years at DLP, as ill health over took him, he struggled to express himself clearly and eventually he even had to give up the canvassing, leafleting and knocking-up that he had done in many wards of the City.  We thank him for his commitment and comradeship.

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