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Dennis and Stanley were great friends back in the 50s when they shared a flat in Redcliffe Square (Stanley died in 1992).

We enjoyed Dennis's wonderful sense of humour and his lively intellect.  Ruth McMaster

My (Vincent) memories go back to the days at the Coal Board, the meetings of the Association of Scientific Workers, and the many visits to your place.  Vincent & Mary Gray

I had known Dennis since boyhood in Acomb - with many happy memories of cricket and football on The Green and wanderings in Beech Grove woods and the surrounding fields.  Phil Fowler

Dennis remembered by friends old and new

He was a good-hearted friend, such a nice person. Lydia, Tony, Roman & Irena

We were sad to read news about Dennis ...... I (Premek) was quite touched for Dennis was a part, very important for me personally, of the whole history of my "encounter" with Sheffield which, when I think of it all, still feels nothing short of a miracle. We still keep and at times browse through, Wainwrights Pennine Way Companion which Dennis was wise to get us.

I would like to say he was influential also to my academic career and way of thinking, by his enthusiasm for technical things and for living his life in which meeting with people of all sorts and origins, trying new things, keeping an open mind, striving to pursue ideas and questions until a clear and revealing answer comes out, ife which he also taught me to enjoy. So I hope he'd be pleased to know that from those seeds originating in his talks with a masters student of software engineering, in a few months a "docent" will (hopefully) grow, named Premek.            Premek & Jana

My (Geoff’s) main memories of Dennis go back to our time in the USA, which was such an interesting and enjoyable time for both of us. I still have vivid memories of my 2 years there and Dennis in many of them. Rita & Geoff Drake













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