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Dennis was such a lovely gentleman. Martin & Marilyn Newsome

Dennis had so many interests, so many roles in life, he enthused and encouraged so many people. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.  Marilyn, Glenn, Adrian, Martin & Elaine Vickers

We were saddened to hear of Dennis's passing,  we remember him so well and full of friendliness with always a warm welcome for whoever of us might chance to stray over the road to his house or back garden. Ian, Eleanor, Jeff & Lindsay Pyrah

Having lived in The Fairway for nearly 40 years, it just isn't going to be the same without Dennis, he was such fun and  so smiley you just had to laugh with him and have a chat albeit a short one, walking down the road won't be the same anymore - a bit like the sun has gone in without Dennis.  Sue Leeson

We always remember him lending us his lovely wooden sledge when our boys were little. Nick, Karen, Tom & Sam

Dennis always worked for better things and conditions for people. I (Lynda) remember the time we tried to change  things on Hallam School Governors and the amusing situation when we found they thought I was Dennis's wife!! Mike has many memories of working in the engineering faculty with Dennis over 30 years and many conversations in the St Georges common room at lunch and on the 51 bus.   Mike & Lynda Brown

Dennis made us so welcome when we came to live in the fairway 37 years ago.  I (Mary) was soon a member of Hallam Ward Labour Party and encouraged to take part in campaigning. For so many years Dennis was at the centre of Hallam's activities and especially its electioneering. Helen remembers how Dennis helped her when facing job Interviews. David talks about games of cricket and football in the garden of No.2! Peter remembers how Dennis took photo of him standing on the chimney on one leg! He was always so kind and a good friend to the Balbi's. We shall  miss him. Mary, Peter, Helen & David Balbi


Dennis as remembered by his neighbours

We will remember his cheerful greetings even when not very mobile & his enjoyment at seeing the dog with her tail wagging. We are so glad he was able to enjoy our 2011 Christmas Party meeting several very old friends and some much more recent ones. Alan, Julia, Becca, Beth & Hannah Butler













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