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Kathleen Mary Fisher

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Born: 8th August 1907 in Ipswich, Suffolk

Married Sidney Fisher on 7th May 1938

Died: 24th November 2001 in Curry Rivel, Somerset

We remember her


A Poem

Pictured with husband Sidney

Sidney Richard Fisher

Born: 11th December 1910 in Gravesend, Kent

Married Sidney Fisher on 7th May 1938

Died: 12h February 2012 in Taunton, Somerset

We remember him




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We Remember Them


A poem by Their Granddaughter, Sylvia

My Grandparents

My grandparents lived in Northumberland,

I loved building castles in the sand,

We enjoyed going to the river Aln,

And seeing Percy the Pelican,

We enjoyed going to that lovely river,

Seeing the pelican made us all aquiver.

What’s the opposite of a Pelican,

Try and guess, if you can,

I’ll tell you, oh no I shan’t,

Ok I will, it’s a Pelican’t,

Then my Grandparents left Alnmouth,

They move way, far down South.

They moved all the way to Somerset,

After this, holidays there, we did get,

At Frankley services, we’d meet them there,

Driving half way each was pretty fair,

I enjoyed having sausage, beans and chips,

This was a rare treat and I loved it to bits.

Sometimes Grandma made us a promise,

That we’d go to Cricket St Thomas,

We saw lions, giraffes, elephants and monkeys too,

Many animals did we see at this wonderful zoo,

Sometimes we got up with the Lark,

And went to Longleat Safari Park.

We had to go round by car,

But it was the best way by far,

To see wild animals roaming free,

And looking relaxed and very happy,

Sometimes the monkeys jumped on a car roof,

While other wild animals remained aloof.

Sometimes the monkey grabbed a windscreen wiper,

This was exciting and made us feel hyper,

Going round Longleat house I found quite a bore,

Maybe because it was a very long tour,

We also went in Longleat maze,

But us it didn’t ever faze.

Because my grandparents were so clever,

We didn’t get stuck in there for ever and ever,

Yes my grandparents were really quite smart,

And always got us home before it got dark,

On other days we went to One Tree Hill,

Rolly pollying down was quite a thrill.

Sometimes we went to Burrow Mump,

Or it might be a different tump,

We also drove to Ham Hill

Where we ran, like a windmill

All across Somerset we did forge,

Yes we made it to Cheddar Gorge.

At Wookey Hole we went into the cave,

Doing this to us felt really brave,

On our helmets a light it shone,

So we could see everything and everyone,

From the cave ceiling we saw stalactites,

And up from the ground there were stalagmites.

Sometimes these joined together,

Which was both beautiful and very clever,

Sometimes our parents joined us there,

And Somerset, with them we could share,

My dad usually walked ahead very fast,

While my grandad always trailed in last.

On his head always a deer stalker,

But it didn’t make him a fast walker,

As notes he was always jotting,

Especially when he was bird spotting,

Or botanising plants and wild flowers,

He loved doing this; he could do it for hours.

Wherever he went he took his binocs,

This was an item he never forgot.

Grandad led many an organised walk,

But only one to one did he talk,

This is because he was hard of hearing,

And many voices together were not endearing.

We’d walk along with our grandma,

Until we reached their small car,

When we got in grandma gave us a treat,

A lovely mint toffee, Murray Mint sweet,

Grandma made lovely picnics,

Which didn’t include gin and tonics.

But cheese sandwiches, biscuits and lovely cake,

Which at home she did bake,

Sometimes around the dining table we did sit,

Where we enjoyed a game of Pit,

We also enjoyed the game of Speed,

Also at my grandparents, a lot I did read.

I enjoyed the secret seven and the famous five,

They solved many murders, but did themselves, survive,

I also enjoyed reading Mallory Towers,

I’d got engrossed and could read for hours,

Sometimes we had a game of chess,

I seldom won, but enjoyed it, never the less.

At Friends Meeting everyone did assemble,

And my grandad’s leg there, often did tremble,

Yes when he spoke his leg did shaker,

So I suppose you could say he was a true Quaker,

When at my grandparents, we made coconut macaroons,

Holidays always flew by and were over too soon.

Staying at my grandparents was the best,

And I believe my parents enjoyed the rest.

Sylvie Wright

August 2016

This poem can also be found on Sylvie’s website at www.livingwithms.co.uk/poems2.html