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God's Fountain

Seek the silence of the mountain,

if to yourself would be true,

Drink the waters of God's fountain,

which is deep inside of you,

Habits, customs and the hum-drum,

make a robot of the brain,

And like the beating of a Tom-tom,

keep you bound as with a chain,

But the truth is till within you,

gnawing at your very soul,

There in every bone and sinew,

trying hard to make you Whole...

So make your consciousness expand:

Run your fingers through the sand,

No grain is in isolation-

All is one in God's creation.

Dust and Stars

The call of Self, the call of lust,

Proclaim my birthplace as the dust:

When what I want is what I do,

And feel myself as blessed,

So long I have that which I want,

And think not of the rest,

Deprived, retarded, underfed,

Eight to a room, four to a bed-

A stone is both their daily bread,

And resting place to lay their head.

So what I want is what I do,

(the voice which bids me think of you

is muffled in my vocal chord):

I have my wants: I lack my Lord

Yet on that dust shell starlight fall,

And each be known as part of all,

And hark, that voice does louder speak,

'I ought, I ought, to help the weak.'

When what I want is what I ought

I hold myself twice blessed,

So long my oughts and wants are one,

I'm thinking of the rest-

Four to a room, two to a bed,

A stook of hay their daily bread:

For what I want is what I ought,

And what I buy is for myself and others bought.

I want not this, I ought not that,

The inner voice is still-

The inward message is 'I must'

It comes from inward will.

And so I do that which I must,

And keep the goal in view,

It is my choice to eat the crust,

The cake is meant for you, Thrice blessed, thrice blessed,

That others have both food and rest.

So man when oughts and wants are one,

And action springs from MUST,, Know, Man, you've touched the stars,

There's no return to dust.

Poems by Sidney Fisher

Page 2

as selected by his granddaughter, Sylvie Wright

from Dust & Stars

(Avon Books 1985)


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