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Poems by Sidney Fisher

Page 4

as selected by his grandson Matthew Brown

from Dust & Stars

(Avon Books 1985)

Just Dreaming?

I wakened from a dream (and yet it seemed i slept)

I watched a twinkling star...

Now do I know where undremt dreams are kept

I now know where they are.

Each comes a-twinkle on a starlit beam

and every twinkle is a new made-dream,

and all the fairies, imps, elves it seems

weave in the stars the warp and weft of dreams.

And who inspires the fairies at their loom?

It is her majesty the moon -

she is

the managing director of the high factories

of our sleep-bound fantasies;

She climbs above the houses, and the kirk, it

is her round; her hightly circuit

She shines not only down to sheen the new-stooked hay

she looks towards the stars where fairies work, and play.

She shines not only on the placid river heads where salmon spawn

but also in the stars where goblin, elf and faun

work on; And every dream is made with elfin hands

in starry factory within moonlit wands.

Man - cling not to earth, you cannot leave too soon

Go outward to the stars and to the moon;

Yet travel not from stations where man's spaceships are,

just hop upon a twinkle of a star.

You dreams will bring you back; 'twas just a holiday

and in that time you may learn - what you may


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