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Poems by Sidney Fisher

Page 5

as selected by his grandson Matthew Brown

from Dust & Stars

(Avon Books 1985)

Lines to a departed Friend

An inch, a foot, a yard, a chain

a mile and many another

Apart in body, yet in vain

for Spirits join together.

The written word rubs out the mile

and leaves a chain between us

The spoken word conveys a smile

'Tis but a Yard between us.

A mile, a chain, a yard, a foot

an inch, a little over

Thoughts do our hearts together put

as bees come close to clover.

The bidden thoughts wipe out the yard

and leaves an inch between us;

Then Spirit's self unites, unbarred

The living souls within us.

Stepping Stones

The water is deep, for faltering feet

The slippery stones are wet and unkind

to the weary heart and the tired mind:

The water is cold, to the unbold.

"Help me to try" - The stones stand high

The rippling water is cool and slow

to the heart and mind that is ready to go..

To such a prayer, the stones rise clear.


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