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Poems by Sidney Fisher

Page 6

as selected by his grandson Matthew Brown

from Dust & Stars

(Avon Books 1985)

Holidays Abroad

I read the glossy magazines and wear the latest fashions,

Why should I not indulge my lusts and exercise my passions?

So I must go to Ecuador

and I must go to Rome

Only the oppressed and poor

are the ones to stay at home.

and I must lie on golden shores

where suntanned bodies are

naked and soft; and burnished skin

gives pleasure to me deep within.

(I shall not go to Bangladesh

and see the bodies there -

naked bone and rotted flesh

that perish in despair)

I read the glossy magazines

and love the Ad-man's stories

I shall not see the third world

Only the the rich world's glories.


If you like a country ramble

watch the wordings as you amble

"Do not trespass" they may say

Or ‘Jerusalem’ five miles away

Yet heed all words with greatest care

for they contain a hidden snare

and all those scholarly translations

are oftentimes mere aberrations.

So as you climb the pilgrim's stair

the silent voice within your lair

proclaims you have to declare

the silent footprint in the ground

is your best help to get around -

The silent arrow pointing straight

denotes the path to Heaven's Gate.


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