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Poems by Sidney Fisher

Page 7

as selected by his grandson Matthew Brown

from Dust & Stars

(Avon Books 1985)

The Enemy Within (The Thatcher Years)

Our Maggie went to Hungary

to breach the steel partition,

But what about the hungry

who die from malnutrition?

And Maggie stayed in Hungary

to loose the iron bands,

but what of homeless refugees

in war-torn distant lands?

Then back she came from Hungary

Right through the iron curtain,

To England, home, - and Cheltenham

where freedom is uncertain.

So she is home in her abode

in London, London merry,

But home is death in Falls Rd.,

Belfast and Londonderry.

Later she went to Poland

to the city of Gdansk,

to smile with trade unionists

and smirk amongst their ranks.

"Please talk with Britain's T.U.C"



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