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Poems by Sidney Fisher

Page 8

as selected by his grandson Matthew Brown

from Dust & Stars

(Avon Books 1985)

One together

There's wind and rain and sleet and frost

yet each within the weather's lost

There's Sam and Jane and Joe and Heather

We ere to think they're not together

each but a leaf upon the vine.

We ere to speak of mine and thine

each but one pip within the grape

Yet from the vine there's no escape.

Be wine or water in the cup

it matters not; it matters not.

Be wine or water in the glass

the blood that through the veins shall pass

is red: though skin be dark or light -

though mind be dull or erudite

the blood that through the veins does swim

heeds not the colour of the skin

The blood that on the cross was spilt

runs in our veins - proclaims our guilt;

That selfsame blood runs in the veins

of all mankind - our guilt proclaims

and every single blood transfusion

denies the national illusion -

Transcending every Nation's bound

One Universal blood is found.

See then if seperate nationhood

has any substance in the blood?

Only within man's jealous mind

does hatred breed unconfined

Only within man's evil heart

does hatred find the place to start;

Only within man's evil will

can hatred thrive and do its ill

and 'tis from a corrupted soul

that hatred works against the whole.

It is so clear to see:

It is so clear to you as me?

Well' prick your finger then and see

how blood runs from it easily;

as easily then you may know

THAT blood did from the cross once flow.

See, Life is Whole: One blood, One vein

The little links comprise one chain -

The fire of life proclaims one spark

as easily then you may know

which issued from primeval dark

Water or wine within the cup

it matters not, it matters not.

The water which we take as food

within our veins is turned to blood.

The greatest poet's greatest lyric, still

would ill extol this hourly miracle.

'Twas but one word forever heard

'Twas but one spark that broke the dark;

the links which had in chaos lain

were gathered up to make one chain;

One had to join these links together

Sam, Jane, Jo and Heather

One together


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