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What helps stabilise MS?

An Outsiders Perspective

Written by her brother, Matthew in the early 2000's

In other words I don't really know what I'm talking about, though Sylvie might disagree, it's just what I've picked up rather than researched or experienced. So, in no particular order, what might help MS is

Diet:-Getting the right balanced diet for you. This could be very different from the next person with MS. It means avoiding ones allergies and getting enough of all nutrients (oh and not cheating too much)

Mental Attitude:- Being positive, bloody minded and persevering despite everything. Yes I can make it and will not give up and fade away from life. (Easier said than done. Shout and scream as much as you need and find someone to accept those midnight phone calls)

Meditation:- Relaxing, clearing ones mind, this helps to bring one back, it seems, to a positive plain.

A Goal or Purpose:- Something 'realistic' to work towards. These will vary widely between individuals and over time.

Sex:- Or should that be love making? The fulfilment of being a loving and loved person not just an isolated individual.

Friends:- People to turn to during times, good and bad when one can't talk to family.

Family:- People to turn to during times, good and bad when one can't talk to friends.

Pets:- Someone to turn to during times, good and bad when one can't talk to family or friends.

Luck:- No need to say more.

Independence:- The ability to get around and do things for oneself, so one doesn't feel like a negative burden but like a positive contributor.

The Internet:- The link to others who can really understand and relate. Something family and friends, not having MS, fortunately cannot do.

It is not one thing that's the answer but many in a mix that varies between people and over time and which the above are just a few suggestions that come readily to mind to an ignorant outsider, there are many many more!

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What helps stabalise MS?

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